The Lost 'In A Perfect World' strips

After we started working on 'In A Perfect World 3.0' I discovered a few comics that were inked but never finished. So rather than letting them be forgotten, I am including them on this site for you to enjoy. So here are the lost IAPW 3.0 strips.

154 Plain is boring

All I want in a doughnut is one that is simple, traditional and tastey - is that too much to ask? Another reason these strips were not released is because I stuffed up. This is suppose to be a doughnut store, yet the racks behind the counter ad filled with loafs of bread.

155 Krispy Kreme is over-rated

Personally I found Krispy Kreme doubhnuts to be overly sweet and without substance. It fills your mouth but offers no satisfaction. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to doughnuts. They have to be freshly made, no icing and have to be the real deal.

156 Assume A Phone Position

Everyone who owns a mobile phone - especially an older model - can relate to this. No matter where you stand your reception is lousy, even when you're forced to contort yourself into weird shapes to find that perfect sweet spot of clear reception.

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