About 'In A Perfect World'

What is 'In A Perfect World'?

'In A Perfect World' is set in a suburb of Bristol, England, and is about a group of friends who share two houses at 26 and 28 Draconic Drive. They are an eclectic an eccentric mix of furs trying nothing more than to get along in a crazy world. You have Ara, Aneirin, Whip and their daughter Wai, Phoenix who lives below them, Budger who live in the attic and NetDragon, Acrturius, Apollo and Kanmeros who live next door.

Is 'In A Perfect World' based on real life?

Yes, much of IAPW is inspired by real life events. All the characters are based on real real people, and many of us live in the same flat in real life, which 28 Draconic Drive is based upon.

The point of IAPW is to laugh at the misfortunes that life throws at us, to show that no matter what happens, there is always some humour in everything. And if we can laugh at our problems, they won't worry us.

Can I Link To 'In A Perfect World'?

Sure! If you like IAPW you can save the image below then copy and paste the code below to your website.

<a href="http://iapw.comicgenesis.com/"><img src="iapwbanner.gif" alt="In A Perfect World"></a>

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