Meet the Cast

'In A Perfect World' has many colourful characters - most of them are based on real friends of Ara, Aneirin and Whip. Here are some of the characters who have appeared in the comic strip so far. Sometimes the best characters are the real ones.

Residents of 26 Draconic Drive

  • AraKaraath Greywulf-halfDragon

    AraKaraath is the partner of Aneirin and Whip and mother of Wai. He is a programmer by profession and an artist in his spare time as well as housewife and mother.

    Occupation: Mother, programmer, cartoonist.
    Abilities: Makes things go crunch.
    Hobbies: Playing with Lego; Gaming on his 360; Collecting shiny things.
    Weaknesses: Grated Mozarella cheese; Jam-filled doughnuts; 50% off Lego sales.

  • Aneirin Greywulf-halfDragon

    Aneirin is the partner of AraKaraath and Whip. Aneirin works at the local Op Shop, selling as much junk as he brings home.

    Occupation: Father, Office worker.
    Abilities: Able to crash PCs and Laptops simply by proximity.
    Hobbies: Playing Chu Chu Rocket on his Dreamcast; Collectiong cheese movies.
    Weaknesses: Belly scritches; £2 Shops; Clark's Pies.

  • Whip Greywulf-halfDragon

    Whip is Ara and Aneirin's Italian partner. His cooking skills are better than hi partner's combined so he gets rule of the kitchen. Without him, his mates would live on take-away and beans.

    Occupation: Household chef.
    Abilities: Can expand to fill any available space, like a cat.
    Hobbies: Avid gamer. Warhammer enthusiast.
    Weaknesses: Must complete every achievement in a game before its 'complete'.

  • Wai Greywulf-halfDragon

    Wai is the daughter of AraKaraath and Aneirin. She is about eight years old and has inherited her mother's love for art and her father's love of coputer games as well - as most of their combined collection of Lego. She goes to Raven Park Primary School with her friends Becky, Jen and Ryal and Jess.

    Abilities: Can 'cute' someone at 20 meters, cover a wall in crayon in 2 minutes and can materialize whenever someone mentions 'doughnuts' or 'sweets'.
    Favourite toy: Her blue 'Foofer' plush dragon.
    Best friends: Becky, Jen and Ryal, Jess.

Residents of 28 Draconic Drive

  • Phoenix

    Phoenix is Aneirin's oldest friend and have known each other since infant school and lives in the apartment below Aneirin and Ara's. He works as the head chef at the 'Grub and Cabbage' downtown.

    Occupation: Head Chef.
    Tendancies: Cooks amazing things at work but at home, he seem to burn everything.
    Hobbies: Loud music, assembling the Ultimate computer, stick insects.

  • Budger

    Budger is a large, blue and red coffee dragon with pyromanic tendancies. He is our residant source of weirdness, generator of improbability distortions, chief coffee maker and sofa warmer.

    Habitat: Any livable sofa, Any wardrobe.
    Abilities: Can move from place to place via wardrobes, cupboards, etc, Defy rational laws of physics.
    Tendencies: Give pinapples as presents, Chases the Postman; Unbeatable at any computer game.
    Diet: Coffee, Chicken, Ham past its used-by date.

  • Arcturius

    Arcturius is Ara and Aneirin's close friend and lives next door. He has an interest in collecting gaming consoles, especially retro ones, and has a small museum to the gaming industry in his room.

    Hobbies: Collecting retro game consoles, Shooting boy racers with his doof-doof-seeking hamster launcher.
    Favourite food: Orange cheesecake.

  • Apollo

    Apollo is easy going fun loving person who likes his Amiga and classic age gaming as well as a fun skirmish on a FPS but he never takes it seriously.

    Biggest Mistake: Summoning the Lesser Demonic Minions.


  • Vitro

    A giant red dragon with an appetite to match as well as a rather warped sense of humour. Sie wears ripple-soled shoes to give pedestrians a 50 / 50 chance.

    Occupation: Part time baby-sitter, Demolition expert, Godzilla's stunt-double.
    Hobbies: Selling Girl-scout cookies door-to-door, plays Lorry Football.
    Diet: Gullible Furs, McDragons.

  • Beccy

    Beccy is Wai's bestest friend at School. They do everything together - including getting into trouble.

  • Jess

    Jess is a girl who is more like a boy than the boys. She loves cycling and skateboarding and kicking a ball around. She loves to hang out with Wai, Beccy and Jen and Ryal.

  • Jen and Ryal

    Jen and Ryal are bothers who, dispite sharing a body, have completely different personalities. Jen is easy going while Ryal is loud and boisterous. They are good friends with Wai and Ryal often teases Jen about his crush on Wai.

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