Behind 'In A Perfect World'

In The Begining

Part of designing the new look and feel for IAPW was to sit down and write a story Bible - a document which describes the places and characters which will feature in the comic. All the characters were already done, we only needed to flesh out their personalities a bit and draw proper character sheets for each character.

The Characters

Places and Spaces

Places were fun. Two of the major places to appear in IAPW are the apartments on Draconic Drive and their favourite local 'The Swan With Two Necks'. Both places are based on drawings of real places in Bristol; The pub itself is a real pub, only I embelished the design a little by adding extra width to the building.

Creating A Comic

Writing the script

jan#008 2005/23/01  So near, yet so far
panel 1:
	budger> Sphelx! my plan worked! theres plenty of space in here for both of us.
	 goody! gimme a second to get my computer stuff...
panel 2:
panel 3:
panel 3:
	 damn, cables arnt long enough... got some extension lead?

Drawing the comic

Inking the comic

Colouring the comic

Shading the comic

Adding the text

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