Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much of IAPW is based on real life events? A Most of it, suprisingly. Though alot of stuff will be scripted in this series, most of it is still based on silly things that have happened to us in real life. Q Was Wai born in real life? A Sadly, no, but she is real to us even though she lives in our hearts, imagination and the comic. Q How could Ara and Aneirin have had Wai if they are both male? A While Ara appears to be masculine, he is really a herm and has a tendancy to swing between male and female traits every twelve months. Q How does Budger move around the house if he is too big to fit though doors? A Budger has the ability to travel from room to room via wardrobes, cupboards, pantries, draws, and other openings large enough for him to fit his head or body through. Its a bit of an in-joke left over from when he used to live in Wai's wardrobe. Just some further examples of his improbalness. Q When is Wai's birthday? A Wai was born on February 10th, 2002. Q Can I be in IAPW? A Sorry, I'm not doing guest appearances anymore. I'm restricting the cast to people who directly contribute to the households on which the comic is based. Q I can't find IAPW 1.0 or 2.0, where are they? A Well, the original IAPW doesn't have much baring on this version but if you still want to read it, you can find it at on my VCL archive or on the IAPW Sheezy Art archive. Q Can I write a script or draw a comic for IAPW? A Yes, certainly. If you have a script idea or have drawn a fan comic that fits the context of IAPW, I would be happy to show it as a cannon part of the comic strip, with full acknowledgements to the original author.
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